Top 10 mistakes beginner growers make

Everyone, even the most experienced and experienced grower, had his first time. The first time, the most memorable and challenging, cannabis farming is no exception. In countries where the cultivation of cannabis is not prohibited by law, mistakes associated with a lack of experience and knowledge can once and for all scare you away from this interesting hobby.

You can grow marijuana outdoors, in greenhouses, and even indoors, hemp feels comfortable.

Difficulties can arise already at the stage of choosing a seed variety. Fortunately, leading seed banks produce special cannabis seeds for beginners. In this article, we will tell you about 10 of the most common mistakes that even experienced gardeners are not immune to.

The use of potting mixes of poor quality.
It would seem that it is the soil in Africa, but this is a big mistake. For the successful development and growth of hemp, and any other plant, you need high-quality land, saturated with all the necessary nutrients. Cheap Chinese mixes are not the best option if the goal is not to waste seeds.

Selection of marijuana seeds for growing.
Selling cannabis seeds helps growers in their favorite hobby, and choosing the right cannabis strain is a very important process that requires a responsible approach. Not every variety is suitable for a beginner, especially since not all manufacturers can boast of the excellent quality of their product. From cheap “bird food” and the result will be appropriate.

Planting seeds directly into the soil.
This can be called a game of “Russian roulette”, for gamblers, of course, it can be fun, but this is hardly the best option for a beginner.

Overfilling and underfilling.
Both are equally harmful and detrimental to the plant. Watering should be regular, but not excessive. It is very important to let the soil dry out. Overflow is especially harmful during the growing season, in addition, high humidity is a risk of mold infestation, which can attack even the most powerful and resistant varieties.

Love to the grave or overfeeding.
It is a deep misconception to think that a large amount of fertilizer will increase the quality and quantity of the crop. No, of course there are very voracious hybrids, but everything is fine in moderation. More often than not, overfeeding can simply kill the plant. As with any living creature, nutrition should be balanced and healthy.

Making fertilizers according to dubious recipes.
Before using nutritional supplements, it should be borne in mind that many substances can react with each other and produce completely different effects than intended. For beginners, it is better to stick to traditional ready-made mixtures, and not experiment with dubious recipes from the Internet, and even more so their own composition.

Excessive pruning of leaves.
It is through the leaves that plants receive the energy necessary for internal metabolic processes. The urge to increase the ratio of leaves to buds can be fatal. If the leaves are healthy, do not show a tendency to yellowing and do not interfere with light penetration to the lower parts of the plant, they should be protected and tried to preserve as long as possible.

Disorderly attitude to hygiene.
It is very important to ensure that your grow box is as clean and sterile as possible. Before visiting the plant, be sure to wash your hands and even preferably wear a medical bandage. Cannabis immunity is much weaker than that of humans and it is not difficult to infect a plant with infections.

Use of poor quality water.
Many people underestimate the importance of the water used for irrigation. Meanwhile, it is a key component in plant life. For successful cannabis cultivation, it is imperative to stock up on measuring instruments and constantly monitor the pH and EC levels.

The rush to harvest.
Cannabis has its own life span. Growing it requires certain skills, financial investment, time and patience. Should all of the above be jeopardized by the rush of a couple of weeks? It is better to wait for the logical end of the cycle, harvest and let it dry for the prescribed period of time. So the harvest will be of the highest quality, aromatic and tasty.

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