Hemp stalk

The value of the hemp stem is not appreciated. At home, the cannabis carrier rod can be used to ensure zero-waste production. If the grower’s hand does not rise to throw away the plant, or rather what is left after the harvest, it is not in vain. There are various areas where tops and roots can be useful.

The stem of cannabis, for example, reaches 1.5-2m, in autoflowering varieties of marijuana it is slightly smaller and is a tall and slender beauty, femininely rounded at the base and angular upward along the growth line. Little is known about her inner world, in the sense that by the time the cannabis inflorescences ripen, the stem becomes a dummy – a cavity forms inside it due to the drying out of the core.

THC in the stem of marijuana

Cannabis produces THC over the entire surface of the plant, but the level of tetrahydrocannabinol in the buds is noticeably higher. On average, THC in the stem or root of the plant is 10 times weaker than on the top. Some growers have noticed an unpleasant aftertaste and aftertaste after using the stem for the same purpose as the bud.

Cannabutter for Granny’s Favorite Pies

The cannabis stem can be used to make excellent tasting THC oil. Its preparation is unlikely to be taught on culinary shows on federal TV, so those interested will be presented with step-by-step instructions.

For the preparation of one package of butter canna butter, the following will come in handy:

Packing of butter 180-200g .;
8-9 g of dry plant matter (stem, flowers, etc.);
Glass of water.
Grind the stems into a crumbly mass in a blender or diligently and very painfully with sharp scissors.
All ingredients are mixed: oil, hemp powder and water and simmered for 10-20 hours (such a long time is needed to activate THC). From time to time, you need to stir all this beauty, adding a small amount of water if necessary.
Straining the substance in order to obtain a more homogeneous mass.
Step 4. Freeze.

Someone Like It Hot: Green Dragon

To prepare the most powerful hemp tincture, an alcoholic experimenter will need:

Coarsely chopped stems;
Strong alcoholic drink.
The dry substance is poured into alcohol and placed in a dark, cool place.
The tincture must be shaken daily for a month.
After a month, the drink can be filtered.
The effect of cannabis in this case is difficult to recognize, confusing it with alcoholic, but cannabinoids will do their job, not everyone can stand on their feet!

Hemp. Hemp fiber fabric

Since the beginning of 2000, the eco-fashion industry has been gaining momentum. Leading designers and fashion designers present women’s and men’s clothing collections made from natural fibers to themselves traditional cotton, linen, silk. Hemp, too, could proudly show off on the catwalks and, perhaps, it will be so soon. The new is the well-forgotten old. Up to the 20s of the twentieth century. The prevailing part of clothing was made from industrial hemp due to its practicality and economic profitability.

Positive properties of hemp-based fabrics:

Environmental friendliness: no pesticides are used in cannabis cultivation;
Hypoallergenicity: most allergy sufferers do not tolerate artificial tissues – hemp will come in handy here;
Durability: if ropes are made from this plant, then what can we say about the slow wear of trousers and shirts from it;
Climate control: clothing ensures normal air circulation while protecting from the sun’s rays.

Hemp paper

Marijuana stalks are indispensable in the manufacture of thin types of paper: carbon copy, cigarette. The production of paper from hemp is 5 times less toxic than the one that uses wood, which is mercilessly cut down every year on a huge scale. Again, it is worth mentioning the environmental friendliness of hemp, because the cannabis plant is a renewable resource and does not require chemical soil treatment.

Marijuana never ceases to amaze its fans, because the area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication is unusually wide. The possibility of using such an important element of cannabis as the stem would appeal to growers who are attentive to their growing plants and simply those who are not used to throwing away valuable material.

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