5 powerful strains of cannabis

The main active substances in marijuana are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). These chemical compounds are formed in the buds and leaves of cannabis. Their joint action changes the psycho-emotional state of a person, causing drug intoxication.

CBD affects a person’s emotional state by providing a sedative, relaxing effect. The amount of CBD in marijuana is important for medicinal uses when the potency fades into the background and sedation becomes the main concern. THC, on the other hand, affects the mental state, and therefore the strength of the effect of cannabis directly depends on its percentage in the plant. Strains with a THC content of more than 18% are considered to be strong varieties.

THC formation begins with the emergence of a sprout. It is exposed to sunlight, which triggers the process of photosynthesis. Cannabis begins to release carbon dioxide and, at the moment of attaching a hydrogen molecule to it, carboxylic acid (THCA) is formed, which serves as the basis for the formation of THC. Its peak occurs at the end of the plant’s flowering cycle. The transition process from THCA to THC occurs already when the cannabis is dried. This is why well-dried shoots contain significantly higher amounts of THC and are endowed with better qualities. Genetically arranged so that the largest amount of THC is contained in female non-pollinated inflorescences. Pollination destroys THC molecules, converting them into the less potent CBN cannabinoid.

A selection of killer cannabis strains

With over 25% THC, Pyramid Seeds’ Tutankhamon cannabis will surprise even the most discerning growers. A special selection of the legendary AK-47 yields an impressive yield of over 500 g / m2 in just 60 days of flowering. The intense effect combines a dreamy high in the head and a pleasant, moderate stone in the body. Honey-fruity taste with hints of spices and aroma of citrus and forest freshness will delight gourmets.

The Y Griega cannabis strain is a sativa fotik with incredibly inspiring and energizing effects from Medical Seeds. The THC content in buds is amazing – its level exceeds 27%. The variety requires a little attention and patience, ripens in 80-90 days and can reach 2.5 meters or more with good care. With this size, the yield will please – more than 600 grams of fragrant flower-Christmas tree cones from a bush.

Cannabis strain AK-77V from the Dutch seedbank Victory Seeds is a specially selected predominantly sativa phenotype of a classic old school strain with a persistently euphoric effect. This compact, reliable and really fast camera yields up to 250 grams of dense snow buds with 25% THC when well cared for. It blooms in 2 months, reaching an average of 100-150 cm. It has a rich citrus aroma and sweet-spicy taste.

Royal Gorilla from Royal Queen Seeds is a stunning and fast king of the jungle, showing wild growth and stamina. The effect is deep and all-encompassing like a gorilla’s embrace, giving peace and courage. The yield is 550 g / m2, round stone cones are rapidly filled with resin and mature in 9 weeks of flowering, accumulating up to 27% THC.

The Amherst Sour Diesel hemp variety from HSO is a real bestseller not only in the American but also in the global market. Loved by growers for its sparkling sweet-sour aroma and enveloping relaxing effect. Its 27% THC and rich terpene profile endows the cultivar with both recreational and medicinal benefits. Not picky in care, it fades in 70 days and in greenhouse conditions brings up to several kilograms of fragrant cones from one plant.

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